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Late Shift Part: Two

I won’t even pretend to know the details of Conan O’Brien’s departure from the Tonight Show. As someone who was never invested in late night talk shows, I never really watched any of them – Leno, Letterman, CoCo, Fallon or Kimmel. Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert had me early on and then not very frequently. I’m in bed at 11:30, or watching things I DVRed from earlier in the day. It never honestly occurred to me to record a late night talk show. Too topical. Too strange watching something recorded late at night during the day.

What I can tell you is that if there’s a definition of class, Conan’s picture is right next to it. And if you missed the show, direct yourself immediately to the following:

Conan gets to do what he loves, every day. That’s special and kudos to him for admitting it and being thankful. I’ll be there, performing at that show in the 7/11 parking lot with my comical punk rock band – even though I’m not very funny or musically talented at all.

5 comments on “Late Shift Part: Two

  1. Andrew Badera
    January 23, 2010

    Not a big late show guy myself, but after Conan’s $1.5M stunt with the Bugatti Mouse Veyron and the Rolling Stones tune, I definitely recorded last night! Watching it now.

    • ellsbells
      January 23, 2010

      I hadn’t even heard of the pranks he was playing on NBC. Not that any of it was real – he freely admitted that he didn’t destroy a Picaso. I recorded it because it seemed historical – the death of the Tonight Show. Would love to hear your thoughts on the show.

      • Andrew Badera
        January 23, 2010

        Yeah, obviously no one’s going to destroy a Picasso and expect to live on in show business. But that said, originally the Veyron & Rolling Stones stunt were presented as real. He didn’t admit to it all being fake until the final show last night.

  2. tcrpmg
    January 23, 2010

    I have never watched the Conan show, but from what I have seen on CNN today, he seemed like a real stand up guy.

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