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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Craiglists is a great place to find apartments, couches, and that collection of Fraiser on VHS you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t find easily. Who doesn’t read the Missed Connections hoping that just maybe someone saw you and fell head over heels in lust for just one moment long enough to try and say hello? (And don’t forget the hilarity factor of looking at some of the ads and wondering what those people were thinking.) It just seems that Craiglist is a site that dedicates a significant portion of itself to aid people in finding cheap sex – not that there’s anything wrong with that – instead of those lasting commitments promised by the more official dating sites with those sickeningly romantic television ads and scientific matching on certain criteria.

Armed with my computer and a cup of Sugar Cookie Iced Coffee, I ventured onto Craigslist with my arm on my sleeve. I almost turned straight around upon finding this fella. Seeking Forever Soulmate deemed it necessary to pose in a blue thing and nothing else. Next up was Seeking Masochist, who let’s give him props for making it well known inflicting pain and humiliation doesn’t have to be sexual and he’s into all ages and races. So long as they aren’t fat. Immediately the honesty of the site was well known to me. Even this guy was honest, if he lacked the spelling and grammar skills one should probably use when trying to allure a woman. Some men just post a photo of themselves in odd positions and ask if anyone’s interested. This gentleman was pretty unassuming, just mentioning some attributes to himself and admitting he didn’t know how to do this.

Some men just say what they want. Others are very specific in what they offer. But they promise they are all real men, and want real women. Some have children, some have fetishes, and others have a ton of baggage when it comes to dating.

It was unfair to poke fun or pass judgement on the men without seeing just who the women on there were like. This girl is absolutely crazy. (Click on the link and you’ll understand why.) Yet this plus-sized laid back lady very reasonably described what she was looking for and who she was and politely yet unapologetically. This woman was kind enough to list why one would want to date her. This girl not only looks as if she has Downs Syndrome, but wants a man, not a boy who she can have a child with. (Honey, men in their early 20’s are boys.) At least woman was honest about being high maintenance. This girl was dumped for a 15- year old.

So I decided to reply to a personal, just to see what would happen. I immediately got a reply, most likely because he had a large collection of vinyl from the 60’s and I said that my favorite album of all time is Before the Flood, a live recording of Bob Dylan and The Band. He asked for my photo, which I sent, and then… nothing. So much like going out to the bar scene. In fact, the verdict is in: I’d rather get shot down out and about in Albany or Troy rather than trying to meet people online. Sure, my chair is comfortable and the coffee (or wine) is good, but it lacks the excitement and thrill of being out past one’s bedtime listening to a great live band, or meeting up with people by chance, people you haven’t seen in a long time. It lacks the joy of being rescued by strangers when you get stood up. Craiglist for me will always be a place to see what junk people want to sell.

3 comments on “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

  1. Carolyne
    June 17, 2010

    Pedantic link notes: girl and crazy chick links are copies of others. Sad pedophile chicka is deleted.

    Is it a sign of schadenfreude or something else that I clicked them all hoping to see someone I knew??

    I can’t believe we’ve known each other so long and lived so near to each other and never had drinkies out somewhere. We really need to rectify that someday. Leggings or no.

    • Ellsbells
      June 17, 2010

      Well, give me a time and a place dear! I’m always up for drinks with old friends.

  2. Cute~Ella
    June 17, 2010

    Sometimes just for fun I read the personals looking for someone I know. Not anyone in particular, anyone I know. The Casual Encounters are my favorites.

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