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An Alternative Post

Note: This is the post I would have written had the New York State Government shut itself down. It is a fictional account, and by all means should not be taken at all seriously…

With the Monday afternoon announcement that the government has shut down to all non-essential staff, here in Albany its less of a Parks and Rec-esque tale of the Leslie Knope‘s every-woman rose colored lenses vision and more of In the Loop, you know the politics without the glamour of The West Wing (and Richard Schiff, swoon). Monday’s Shut Down Parties were fun – lots of loose ties straight from Joseph A Banks. State employees enjoy a good Regimental Stripe with their navy suit and they were out in abundance. There was however confusion over who had to go to work – some members of essential staff  or federally funded employees work in State Building, which OGS shut down, as opposed to leased buildings. All decided to let loose, and have a grand old time.

Even Tuesday seemed lively despite this blogger’s hang-over. I managed to pull myself out of bed at around noon and wandered Lark St in a bit of a haze in search of coffee. I wasn’t the only one. Several state employees were also out and about, enjoying the nice day and wondering why they bothered to work a job in which they could not wear shorts daily. We holed up in the Daily Grind, surrounding All Over Albany’s excellent half on her laptop so we could keep up with our google reader. Together we reached the end of the internet and decided that some more Shut Down Parties were mandatory. Someone bought a case of wine from the Lark St wine store and we partied in Washington Park until it rained.

Unlike my new found friends, I had to go to work Wednesday. I dragged myself to the mall, and noted its barren landscape. No one had stopped to the mall after work to grab a new boy-friend blazer or a funky necklace to keep young stuffy suits. My reader numbers were abysmal when I got home and the Times Union bloggers were rather depressed. Chuck Miller suggested a trivia trip, but the Hilton in Troy asked all the State Workers to remain in Center Square. In fact Troy, a town experiencing a Renaissance from Joe Bruno dragging state employees to its buildings promptly cleaned its hands of entertaining state employees on furlough. Ryan’s Wake once again became a place you could enjoy a pint or a scotch without too many women trying to pick up Department of Health employees.

Thursday… Let’s not talk about Thursday. I would not like to talk about the riots on Pearl St. There will be nightmares for months.

It’s Friday now, and the weekend seems to be lovely – we should have sun and warm weather. Hopefully our dysfunctional government will start back up. Governor Patterson sees a desire to compromise amidst the leaders. He has kidnapped them in the Governor’s Mansion and has threatened the lobbyists with Andrew Cuomo if they do not behave. Somewhere Sandra Lee is taping another episode of Semi-Homemade and cursing the fact that I got to go to the best of the best shut down parties. There are plans afoot to trespass on some state parks.

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