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Full Figure Fashion Week

While the guys are over in Milan this week for their week-long love affair with the suit in all its forms, Full Figure Fashion Week just wrapped up.  Jezebel had a great write-up on the mood of the week long event. Not only were shows typically diverse in body-types and shapes but in ethnicities as well. Like the runways for skinny bitches, the shows here were full of drama and excitement – everything from swimwear to wedding gowns were displayed. Here is one of my favorite dresses sent runway bound, a fab number by Igigi. This dress is flattering on all body types, but the cinched waist and dramatic neckline often flatter regular to plus sizes more. The colors are wonderful – it’s like the sunset on a hot summer night. Hell, I’m a size 8 and I want this dress!

There was a time when I wasn’t a size 8. Not so long ago, I squeezed myself into size 16, when really I was more an 18. Back then it was difficult to find things for a full figure, which with my natural tendency to hold my weight in my hips and tush, I most certainly had. Torrid had yet to break away from it’s Goth-relative Hot Topic and Lane Bryant still carried mature – as in my grandmother’s taste – and had yet to even dream up a line of bras and panties. Full figured fashion just wasn’t a priority for fashion lines to carry. Thanks partially to the fat acceptance movement, and of course American dollars, there is more to find for a stylish woman sized 14 to 24. Even Forever 21 has it’s Faith 21 line, modelled by winner of Tyra Banks Plus Sized Model Search Sheridan Watson.

While there certainly is a rant on healthy life-styles and the health risks of being overweight, that’s for another time. For now, I’m just happy that those who aren’t that size 2 or extra-small, still has some options when they want to look great.

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