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The Good Days

Sometimes a day is so wonderful it must be documented for future times of strife to remind one’s self that things aren’t so bad. Wednesday was just that sort of day. Summer days should be spent with friends, basking in the company of the people who have your back. Summer is when you do things you normally wouldn’t do, experimenting with the exotic. Here is a recap of a fantastic summer day.

My friend threw a World Cup party for the USA-Algeria game early in the morning. While I’m not at all a fan of soccer, I decided to go anyway because its so rare for me to watch sports with people who actually enjoy sports events. I was looking for fellowship and wanted to see what was the big deal with those vuvuzelas. (Come to find out it sounds as if angry bees are swarming the field for 90 minutes.) I arrived to find a quorum of the Collar City Madmen, RPI Hockey’s loudest and most ardent fans, and mimosas and biscuits with gravy. Maybe this wasn’t the block party held at the beer garden two Saturdays ago, but we were a lively bunch.Having never watched the game seriously, I noticed it looked a lot like hockey, except with very handsome wiry men running around on a field. The game was intense, with a goal for the US in the final moments of the game. I like the World Cup because it spotlights a sport not usually watched in this country, and, like the Olympics, brings out some national pride. It’s nice to see we can interact with other nations peacefully.

Then there was an actual earthquake! And I felt it! We all thought it was pretty cool. Post-earthquake two of my friends got excellent news about employment and pay raises. It was nice to celebrate success with them. I’m very much about cheering on my friends when things go right.

I ducked out of the party for a little while to phone Mary Darcy of All Over Albany. It was a pleasure to break from all the jet-setting to answer a few of Mary’s questions about summer. The people over at AOA work so hard, and they decided to take a week off soon. To fill the site, each day they’ll have interviews with interesting people, and I made the cut this year. While I chatted, bunnies played in the grass at my feet. (Yes, today was just that awesome.)

Back at the party, my arrival scored me another mimosa. Someone was kind enough to shoot a photo for me. We ended up watching the longest tennis match of all time… and it’s still not over. Last night the Isner-Mahut match at Wimbledon was suspended due to darkness. They had been playing for three hours. Today, the match began and once again was suspended on account that it was night and no one could see in the dark. They’ve been playing for ten hours. Again, I’m not a tennis fan. However, watching something that epic and historical was pretty amazing.

We ordered pizza for the last games of the day. It’s seven hours later as I write this and I’m still uncomfortably stuffed. Someone thought it would be a good idea to order baked ziti pizza. We ordered from Gino’s in Troy and minus some confusion on whether they delivered at 2pm, I have got to say I’m impressed. The crust was soft and doughy, and there was lots of goopy cheese and sauce. The pizza sagged under the weight of the pasta. Two slices was enough food for the entire day. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open for the half of the soccer games.

At the end of a Summer day, there is nothing so satisfying as coming home and taking a well-deserved nap. I sprawled out on my bed and let sleep take me. Natalie Merchant sings these are the days to remember, and yes, I will absolutely remember today.

One comment on “The Good Days

  1. Erin Morelli
    June 24, 2010

    I had a really awesome day today too! HOORAY FOR US!

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