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Shoulda Been There

Troy is often the forgotten city, the ghost town of the Capital District. I’m okay with that as Michael Bluth might say. Being Albany’s smaller, less political sister is sometimes rather nice. It’s certainly less crowded and parking isn’t at such a premium – yet. While Troy Night Out – the Collar City’s art nigh on the last Friday of every month – might not be on the level as Albany’s First Friday, we certainly and without question throw the better party.

Albany has no official after party. So on that account Troy automatically wins. However, the TNO After Party is a thing of wonders. Once upon a time there was a cover of $2 to enter and it was held at Revolution Hall, right next side Browns Brewery. I used to think of this as the golden age of the after party, and certainly to an extent each monthly event was spectacular. There was a prom, and sometimes a local live band from RPI. It moved to Daisy Baker’s and for awhile I’ll admit, things were shaky. The crowd just wasn’t right, there were too many stragglers eating dinner when the dancing wanted to get going. It’s gotten a lot better.

The key is consistency. And that consistency is to just let Properly Chills and Jenks, two of Albany’s best DJ’s, play all night long. Tonight was pretty amazing – a tons of great dancing and some amazing song selection. Daisy Baker’s is a charming bar, with a good dance floor. One of the pros is that Bacchus is below with five dollar pizzas from 10pm to midnight and one of the best beer selections this side of the Hudson. Go, see the art, get some food and then dance your ass off.

I expect to be dancing with all of you next month.

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