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My favorite skirt

I have a new favorite skirt. There’s something to be said for versatility, and this skirt certainly has it. A few months ago I was browsing at The Goodwill, and found a black Express jersey knit skirt. It was long, touching the ground even sitting high on my waist. Suffice to say, I made it mine. And there it sat, in my closet, for the longest time. I just wasn’t sure how to wear it in the winter; I didn’t want the crud of winter on it. Once something gets coated with salt, you never get it out. (See: my red slouch boots.)

Since the warmer weather, I have taken it out of my closet. Of course I wore it in the way it was supposed to, touching the floor. It’s so effortless to just pair it with a breezy blouse and a pair of sandals and go. But sometimes I like to be funky, and sometimes a long dress creates too much drama. I’ve worn it as a maxi dress, which seemed like the next logical step. And there’s been many a time that I’ve rolled the waistband so that the length is shorter – usually knee length – and the skirt takes on a pleated look.

Today though I decided to be a little daring. I pulled the waist up so that it fit like a maxi dress, and then took a bright pink ribbon and tied it around my waist. From there, I tugged and pulled, so that the top part ballooned over the make-shift belt and all you saw was the pink bow. It had an oddly Grecian meets tutu feel. It was beyond comfortable. It was a fun outfit that required little effort, but got maximum results. So yeah, I now have a new favorite skirt.

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