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Dressing for Heat

Well, apparently there is a heat wave taking over Albany, with temperatures topping 100. I hadn’t known this yesterday toiling away in the cold mall. And yeah, I had some choice moments trying to figure out precisely what to wear for a Monday night date. In my panic I determined the following rules for saving face and not seeming like Liz Lemon.

1. So you might look devastating when you twirl those locks over margaritas. Unless the heat is dry ala Scottsdale, chances are by the time you’re done conditioning, blowing and using the flat iron, your hair is going to be frizzy and jew-fro about ten minutes past walking out your door. A loose up-do not only keeps you cool, prevents the frizz, but also shows off the elegant curves of your neck. You know, right where he should nibble for some after-dinner activities.

2. It might be in the triple digits, and you might be tempted to wear those fun colored plastic flip flops. I suggest reconsidering before you slip them on to complete your look for the night. Shoes make the outfit. How many times have you seen a woman walking past in a great outfit only to see her shoes are horrid? Certain shoes make you walk differently. A small heel can elongate your legs and lift the butt a bit. Those rubber flip flops only do one thing – and that’s to make you waddle like your expecting a baby in about two months. If you do want to wear a thong – no, not butt floss – choose a pair of dressy leather ones, some of them now have cute ankle-straps that elevate them from knock around shoe, to something you could wear with a dress.

3. Summer is not the time for dramatic make-up. It’s hot, and if you’re like me, you might sweat. It’s best to keep things looking natural. You should glow! Look sunkissed.

4. Your date should wear a button-up shirt and full sleeves if you’re going out to dinner, and so you should also dress nicely. Unless the date is an outdoor activity – and drinking wine on the patio is not – keep those cool shorts and tees safely in your closet. We women have it particularly easy – we have flirty sun dresses in every pattern and color of the rainbow. I’m a fan of basic black. A knit black dress just oozes effort when you put none in, and can be adjusted for every occasion. Dining outside, then shuffling off for some cocktails before dancing? A black knit dress gets you to all three in style. You’ll stay cool and he’ll think you dressed to impress.

5. So your hair is done, you glow and you’re wearing a pretty cool (get it?) dress. Do not forget to lift those arms and put on some deodorant. There is nothing worse than catching a whiff of armpit smell.

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