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Just How Hot It Is

I am a hot blogger. No, it’s hot in my apartment. I live in a basement one bedroom, and usually it’s quite cool and cave-like. Having lived here for a few years, I’ve only felt the need to have air conditioning once. Last year it sat in my window; I never used it. This year I decided to turn down my father’s offer to put the old AC in. Albany’s heat wave looks to not end any time soon.

It’s just too hot for chocolate. And I love chocolate. Given the choice between a gourmet meal and a dark chocolate bar, the Black and Green bar wins. Every single time. I ask for a shot of mocha at Dunkin Donuts when I get an iced coffee there. When getting soft serve, I forgo even the swirl and get a chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. Now, having proved my love for life’s solution to all problems, I am going to admit that right now I couldn’t eat chocolate if I wanted to.

I think it ties back to what I call Cold Thirst. Rarely do I ever choose to drink a hot beverage. Tea is reserved for sore throats, and even then I’ll try an iced cold ginger ale before breaking into my tea stash. It might be sub-zero, and I’ll take my coffee iced in the morning. My body wants to be refreshed when it takes in liquid, so iced drinks are what I take.

When it’s this hot, I want my sweet to be cool and smooth. When it’s this hot, I would rather have a fruity sweet, something with a high water content. That’s not chocolate by any means. So my friends, I have put the fudge pop down and am enjoying a red white and blue bomb pop.

4 comments on “Just How Hot It Is

  1. Chris
    July 8, 2010

    While I’m not on board at all with the tea thing, I at least understand your reasoning for the chocolate. I didn’t at first, but it made sense when you explained it.

    • Ellsbells
      July 8, 2010

      I have a love-hate with tea. It tastes very good. It is hot. Iced tea rarely ever tastes as nice as hot tea. And so I get angry at how it is passive aggressive to my pallet and just right it off entirely.

      And day three of the heat I have figured out other things I dislike: cooking, wearing clothing, and the people that shop in the mall.

  2. Beaver
    July 8, 2010

    Maybe it’s the old Italian ladies of my youth who wore black every day of the year and always outlived their husbands, but they swore by hot coffee on hot days and so do I.

    • Ellsbells
      July 9, 2010

      My Italian grandmother and great aunts also out lived their husbands. What’s with the Italian genes for long life? Everyone I know seems to have an ancient Italian grandmother. I like this greatly.

      They swore on drinking once a day. And therefore, so do I. 🙂

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