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Goals are Silly Things

I wrote to Mike Huber of the Times Union today. He doesn’t know me from Eve, but it seemed like the thing to do after a food coma induced spell of delirium. Because this blog is sort of a kiss and tell-all forum, I’m going to share what might be some of my best writing in days.

Dear Mr. Huber,

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ellie Burhans and I want to be your blogger. While not a local sex symbol, I am an interesting person according to All Over Albany. Powered by copious amounts of venti iced coffees with a splash of milk, I rarely sit still and am usually onto the next exciting thing. As Jay-Z so eloquently said, “Young girls gotta chill. Thirty’s the new twenty and I am on fire still.” This is one hundred percent accurate. As I eclipse thirty, I find myself the center of the festivities without trying. I might be Albany’s Liz Lemon, but I am trying so hard to be its Nicky Hilton. She is the classier party girl, and there won’t be a sex tape to potentially embarrass the Times Union.

I write about the three f’s: fun, fashion and fucking. I won’t use that last word if picked up by your illustrious publication. However, if you should wish to read anything that I write, please go to I hope that you enjoy what you read because I enjoy writing it.

Ellie Burhans

“Ellie is the New Black.” – Nylon Magazine

One comment on “Goals are Silly Things

  1. Michael Huber
    July 16, 2010

    Hi Ellie.
    I am sorry, but I didn’t receive your email. Strange, because all my mail is forwarded to a gmail account, so I have an archive of every bit of email I receive, irregardless of the touchy spam filter in my TU Outlook inbox.
    I found out about your Mike Huber email via a friend who said it was posted here.
    If you’d like to talk about blogging, let’s do so. Feel free to call at 454 5069. Thanks. Have a lovely weekend. mh

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