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The God of Wine, or Dinner at Bacchus

My sister was craving pizza and wine; we couldn’t think of a place West of the Hudson River that could accommodate such a desire. We thought perhaps Eldas on Lark, which is our usual haunting ground, but alas, the menu online did not indicate pizza as an option. I suggested getting wine, and pizza and enjoying the air conditioning unit she had acquired, but my sister was very much of the mindset that eating out was necessary. Most pizza places specialize in pizza and beer. So not so much with the wine. We decided on Bacchus, the downstairs sister to Daisy Baker’s.

I’ve had bad meals at Bacchus. There have been times I’ve ordered food and it’s not shown up at the table but has on the bill. This really is the service, and not the chef. Still, presentation as a whole is pretty important.

I do like the beer menu at Bacchus. Five dollars for a Trogs Dreamweaver? Okay, while not the insanely cheap $2.50 I paid at The Ruck, I’m sold on a decent priced good beer. My sister also seemed keen on her red. We ordered the Broccoli Ultimatis, a white pizza with broccoli, garlic and lots and lots of olive oil with some nice sweet tomatoes. It was very good. Not DeFazio’s good, but very good. (I love whole wheat crusts; it’s a weakness of mine that should be addressed.) I was about to be in support of Bacchus, as I love the upstairs Daisy Baker’s, until with our drinks not even half way finished, the waitress dropped off our bill. It’s not that we were going to have another drink, or that the place was full. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but receiving the bill is the establishment’s way of saying that its time to leave. And not being done and getting that message irks me.

So I’m torn really. The food is good, the service not so much. Perhaps some of my friends are right: Eat upstairs, take out downstairs. Shame, because the downstairs is just as cute.

4 comments on “The God of Wine, or Dinner at Bacchus

  1. derryX
    July 14, 2010

    The service at Bacchus has been very spotty, and I have been doing whatever I can by reflecting this in the tip that I leave. I consider myself a generous tipper, and the fact that I will only consider leaving 15% maximum should tell them they need to up their game.

    There are some servers that are quite good. But there are one or two who really just don’t have the eye for customer service.

    The beer/wine/pizza selection is great there, and I really do love the ambiance for a small get-together with friends.

    • Ellsbells
      July 14, 2010

      What I don’t understand is that they are owned by the same people – Daisy Bakers and Bacchus. And I have had amazing times both in food quality and service quality upstairs at Daisy Bakers. Even getting a drink at Bacchus, just going to the bar, I’ve had a good experience. So why do their waitstaff stink? Obviously the owners and managers know how to hire top talent. It’s a question I wrangle with often.

  2. Chris
    July 14, 2010

    Hmm, I’ve never had any problems with Bacchus, aside from a couple occasions when I’ve had to wait longer than expected. I’ve never been given the bill mid-drink, though; they always ask me if I want more and always say there’s no rush when I do get the bill.

    • Ellsbells
      July 14, 2010

      It’s funny – I complained to another local Troy-boy and he was shocked that I had gotten bad service too. I do like their pizza.

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