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Sweaters, I Miss You

It seems that after a few weeks of intense heat and humidity – and the frizzy hair and smells of vinegar and lemon sometime people take on – I think of the fall. At the same time, right after the 4th of July sale events, the Back To School season begins. And then, in this town, Holiday hits you smack in the face. It might be July, and it might just be about 80 degrees in my blogroom at night, and yet I find myself walking over to my closet and giving my sweater coats some wistful and longing looks. My parents are already considering Christmas presents for family members. We’re done with the heat.

When Summer first made its entrance to the year twenty-dime, we all put forth our best dress. Long maxi dresses in deep, rich cobalt blues made the scene. Classy cream boho blouses were paired with dark rinse denim shorts and cute cowboy boots. Men let loose in khaki suits.It didn’t feel so odd to see a guy rocking the A&E look. But those golden days of the season are done as we approach the dog days. It seems likely that the track opening in Saratoga might save some from the disasters that grace the malls and streets of Albany. People just look hot and sweaty.

I like fall fashion more to begin with. Layering has always been a big thing of mine – blazers and shrugs and cardigans have always been my essentials. I’m a sucker for a pair of great knee high boots. And lest we forget the brilliant assortment of tights and black minis any girl can play with when it’s not topping the century mark! But I think what I miss most is sleeping in insanely large sweaters. Come fall the sweater is my go-to staple. I have a closet that is full of them; one more and the bar might break. It follows logically that I would sleep in a sweater, and I do. The heavier, the thicker and the more obnoxiously out of style it is, the better. My favorite might be a turtleneck sweater from the men’s section of H&M, or perhaps a wool crew neck from LL Bean.

Fall is the season to cozy up, to wear your boyfriend’s blazer unironically, and wear over sized sweaters as dresses and nightgowns. I might be a quintessential down-state gal, but this summer is tired. Bring on fall.

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