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Getting By With Help From My Friends

Thursday night someone stole the remainder of my funds right out of my purse. I had set my things down for a moment and about $100 and a sanitary napkin, a freaking pad, was taken. This was at a place where I frequent, where I’ve left things along for an hour by mistake and nothing happened. Yes, it was an off crowd and yes, I know I should never leave my things unattended, but it still made Friday highly difficult (hence the lack of a post). There were things I had to accomplish, and they couldn’t be done with the five dollars some ass left in my wallet. (It became apparent I was now broke when I tried to buy toilet paper.) What it did was once again prove that I have the most amazing friends in the world.

When I told people what happened, two immediately came to me and asked if I needed cash. My sister gave me money to hold me over, and offered to be discreet with my parents about the matter. A new friend, one I had met a few weeks ago, bought me coffee and then we spent the afternoon in the mall shopping for shoes for her date tonight. To further be kind, she bought me a pretzel. Another offered to retrace the steps I’d taken last night, they ones he could, and was just generally supportive. Even my far away friends offered their outrage at my situation, offering whatever I needed to help alleviate any problems I might have. One of my old friends from college is even bringing me a care package, complete with the toilet tissue I tried to buy today but couldn’t.

We tend to focus on all the things bad that happen. Work stresses us out, family matters bug us, and sometimes we are all guilty of letting that be the message of the day. It shouldn’t be. Assume goodness, even in the face of adversity. Or well, that’s how I’d rather live my life.

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