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Quick Hits

My Sunday plans are to cozy up with the Sunday Times, then Mad Men marathon myself out. I could blog about the style of Mad Men and how much a man in a suit is a wonderful thing to behold, but every fashion blog is doing that this weekend. Instead, here are some quick bullet points of style that are just too short for their own entries.

1. While surfing the net, I found that Gossip Girl is now on Foursquare, thus bringing about a crisis of conscious. I absolutely positively hate that social media tool, going so far as to admonish friends that log into it while out for drinks.  B-b-but it’s Gossip Girl and it’s my one guilty pleasure! Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessive over my guilty pleasures.

2. I need a pair of red boots for the fall. From everything I see, stripes and polka dots are still going to be very much a trend this fall, and typically I buy them in black and white. Neutrals. I so like elements of unexpected color in my outfits, so red boots seem perfect and fun and funky. Yes, I think I need a pair of red slouch boots.

3. Not to be too political, but the NY Times reported Wednesday about how NYS legislators are feeling the pinch having been unable to pound out a budget by April 1. My own opinion is that for too many years New York has been a fan of the unfunded mandate, essentially buying things without figuring out how to pay for them first. Which is how we regular people used to be before the Great Recession –  buy now and figure out how to pay it off on credit later. It’s why I now only pay cash for clothes and other trivial items. I take out cash, and that’s all I can spend, and I only do it once all the other bills are paid. It might make tracking my purchases a little harder, but I’m spending less and my bills are getting paid on time more frequently.

4. So loving the black and white mocha from Seattles Best at Borders. White and dark chocolate in coffee? Yes please.

5. I cannot stand the term wife-beater for a ribbed tank top. This week a young woman, about twenty, approached me and said, “Yo, where are all your wife-beaters at?” I replied that we didn’t sell them and that she would have to look elsewhere for men that hit their wives. But, I offered, if she wanted a white ribbed tank, they were in the purple room and I could bring her to them. You see, I’m fighting this battle to elevate Albany’s sense of fashion. It’s a slow start. I can’t even get girls to cover their butts when wearing leggings as pants. And we all know that the rule is the butt has to be covered when wearing leggings as pants.

6. I love the suit jacket as an option for a fall coat. I think I need one in brown tweed and another in black tweed, preferably with elbow patches. Might be time to Goodwill it soon. Who’s up for some thrift store shopping?

6 comments on “Quick Hits

  1. Kevin Marshall
    July 25, 2010

    I want to start a movement to have people refer to Wrangler jeans as Child Abuse Pants.

    • Ellsbells
      July 26, 2010

      I support this movement. Brett Farve though will have to be consulted.

      • Kevin Marshall
        July 26, 2010

        Brett Favre emotionally abused the children of Green Bay a couple seasons back.

      • Ellsbells
        July 27, 2010

        Brett Farve is a team beater. Just sign him to your team and it’ll implode.

  2. jess
    July 27, 2010

    I’m always up for thrifting

    • Ellsbells
      July 27, 2010

      Oh oh! Trip soon!

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