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Big Ups and Rick Rolls

Just when it seemed so many things were ending, and people were pulling apart, my dear friends Erik and Natalie got married. I was having a bad day, so my friend Miss Em and I baked some cookies and played DD for some friends who were going to the wedding. Our charges wanted us to join the party, going so far as to offer suit jackets so we girls in our shorts and flip flops could sneak in and say hellos and give well wishes without feeling severely under dressed. It was the end of the reception, and they argued, only the parents and close friends of the bride and groom remained. Still, we felt like we were crashing. We were Wedding Crashers. And I was Vince Vaughn, though in retrospect, I’m not sure comparing me to a crazy womanizer is a compliment.

So there we were, waiting outside for our drivees when the groom comes out and invites us in. Suddenly there was a beer in my hand. We were offered cake. Someone might have asked me if they could help me, and I might have said, beer in hand, I was the DD. (Which for the record, I was just the moral support for the DD.) Erik and Natalie were just incredibly gracious to let us in at the very end and let us congratulate them and wish them well. And they were beyond kind for letting us dance in cut off shorts, t-shirts and flip flops for the last two songs of the night. That couple has class and grace.

I wish them the best of luck and the best of love.

Then someone might have requested a certain Rick Astley song, and another someone might have encouraged us to dance to it. Honestly, if Natalie and Erik can smile through us crashing their wedding, and their best man perhaps creating a RickRoll, then they can survive anything. I love them dearly, and I’m so happy for them. (Yeah, I know I can’t stop saying that but it’s true. Points for honesty, right?) It’s just so easy to be happy for two wonderful people. So I raise the 40 oz I was going to drink in the parking lot to you guys. Congratulations!

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