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Not Just Another Tuesday

My friend turned twenty-nine today. Per usual, it was a trip to the beer garden. As I wasn’t feeling well, I skipped on the great beer and focused on the good company. Seriously, Ed knows the best people in Albany. It was a gathering of many of my favorite people, including Ed’s evil twin, the man we know as DerryX on twitter. He was also celebrating a birthday. There were bloggers, politicos, professionals and me. Natalie and Erik were there and they still seemed okay that Miss Em and I crashed their wedding. And then I blogged about it. Kevin Marshall was showing off the kick ass tattoo he got for an episode on MANville. Erin of the college blog on the Times Union was being her typical amazing self.

And then there was this one guy. You know the type, the hilarious guy who’s had a few drinks. He honestly might have given me the strangest pick up line I’ve ever experienced. Staring intently at me, he said I reminded him of someone. When asked who, he replied C3PO. Then he went on to claim that the golden droid from Star Wars was a powerful robot. Because as his friend pointed out, only a powerful robot would be kidnapped by Tuskan Raiders and taken apart at Cloud City. Using Star Wars as a metaphor, he continued by explaining all the sexual things he’d like to do, perhaps comparing me to a Jawa. And hey, if that’s not a turn on, I don’t know what is. He then tried to hit on Miss Em by asking her how many rugby teams she’s played on. Her reply was priceless – “I have a vagina and I like dick. How many do you think?” It was the only comment of the night that caused him pause. And then he went onto wrapping his arms around Erin.

But perhaps the best part of the night was when we heckled a guy smoking a cigar in a car he had parked right in front of a fire hydrant.

Ed is just the sort of person that fosters fun people co-mingling to have a great time. I met so many amazing people, individuals that I should have ran into before, that I am eagerly looking forward to celebrating with them in the future. Ed’s birthday was perhaps as one of our friends might have put it the most elite party of the year. Another suggested the state militia might need to be oncall with all the excellence to be had. This year Ed turned the bullshit age of twenty-nine. If this is any indication, thirty might be the end of Center Square. The awesomeness that will converge might be too much to handle.

2 comments on “Not Just Another Tuesday

  1. Erin Morelli
    July 28, 2010

    I concur that this was indeed a fantastic evening! I might also add that you are amazing as well! Can’t wait for more fun on Friday night at TNO 😀

    • Chris
      July 28, 2010

      Oh that’s right! I keep forgetting TNO’s this Friday! I’m either thinking of the present or jumping ahead to Saturday.

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