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AFRA: What do you blog in?

Dear Ellie,

Oh baby, you must be so attractive and have such a great sense of style. When you blog,what do you wear?


Dear Anon,

Imagine this: I have just gotten home from a long day at work. The first thing I do is obviously go to the bathroom; all that coffee I drink has to go somewhere. Then I pour myself a glass of ice cold water to rehydrate from all that coffee. My apartment is not so cute as Carrie Bradshaw’s on Sex and the City. In fact, I often forget to do domestic things like clean up after myself. Clothes are often everywhere, a virtual explosion from my two closets. I do not get into a cute night gown or a retro t-shirt with David Bowie’s face on it.

I pretty much blog in the largest most obnoxious pj pants, tank top and strand of pearls from a Pretty Pretty Princess game I won at a penny social. My hair, in it’s typical summer at home look, is in a ponytail that might look like a pineapple growing out of my head. This merely confirms what I’ve known for years – I’m such a classy lady.

Thanks for the question,


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