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Things I am Wearing This Fall

I walked the mall today, hence the extreme lateness of this post, trying to get a feel for how I’m going to dress for Fall. My mom and I ventured into our favorite stores, admiring the new fall fashion, and how it was marketed to the public. First thing we noticed, stores have elevated their sense of style. And honestly, they should… When Target is selling actual designer merch, Old Navy needs to step it up a lot. The second thing we noticed was that this fall is all about dressing up nice. Even casual clothes have elements of luxe, a definite “dress up feel”.

1. I have always been in love with menswear. Perhaps it was because I usually helped my dad buy suits as a little girl, telling him what looked good and what didn’t. Perhaps I like to play with gender-bending in subtle ways and fun ways. (I look great in suits, shirts and ties too.) For the longest time my mother has always looked up in shock as I announced I wanted a pair of wingtips, or a lovely men’s trench – tailored for my thinner frame – and said absolutely not. Finally shoe stores have heard my pleas for wingtips for women and they have begun to trickle into trendy shops. I am wearing my wingtips with my skinnies and my minis.

2. I never really figured out how to wear a denim jacket. They just never really look right with jeans, and I destroy khakis. However, Old Navy has a fantastic red cord jacket cut just like a denim jacket. I have visions of dark skinny jeans, a black turtleneck sweater with this red jacket with the sleeves rolled.

3. It seems such a shame to take all the great summer dresses I’ve acquired this season and pack them away. So those short and breezy brightly printed dresses are going to be layered with jeans or jeggings and boots. To keep me warm, my boyfriend blazers and gauzy scarves get layered on top.

4. While the winter seems to bring out the more dramatic, smoky- eyed looks, I am going back to basics with make up, especially lip color. I love plum, fell absolutely in love with it, but this fall I am sticking with soft and gentle pinks and flesh tones.

5. Fall typically brings a lower dew point. In science speak, that means there’s less humidity in the air as things are dryer. So that means heat treatments on your hair just dries things out quicker. This fall, I’m ditching the flat iron, tossing my tangles and letting them dry naturally – even if that means a mop of curls.

2 comments on “Things I am Wearing This Fall

  1. Corinne
    August 6, 2010

    There is a pair of Guess stiletto wingtips that I COVET.

    • Ellsbells
      August 6, 2010

      Buy them.

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