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A List of of Things I Less Than Three

1. I love empire waisted dresses because they are first and foremost comfortable. Secondly they emphasize my high and slender waist while hiding my broad hips. I often use a cloth belt or tie to cinch the waist and add structure to the dress. I tend to fall in love with anything that make you look 100% put together but feels as if you are wearing hardly anything, especially on a hot summer day.

2. I love the NY football Giants. August gets me excited for the fall. I like to go to training camp and watch practice. Football brings back happy memories of watching the game with my Dad as a young girl. And an adult. I like talking football with guys. It’s fun to flat out prove them wrong about sports.

3. Suit jackets! I swear there isn’t a day where I don’t wear one. Nothing pulls an outfit together better than a suit jacket. I should write an ode to one someday.

4. It’s really fun to have a day off in the middle of the week to get up late, have a drunk lunch with your mom and then spend the day shopping and drinking large quantities of coffee. I love when my mom comes to visit and I will probably always love it. I don’t think it’s odd that I am close to my parents. Family is something very important to me, even though I’m somewhat divided on whether or not I want to have my own family. Still, time with family always recharges me, always makes me feel like I’m not alone and I have my own cheer team.

5. I am in love with making good decisions, choosing the harder thing but ultimately the more rewarding thing. I am in love with doing the right thing, for myself and for others. I think I might have grown up without realizing it.

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