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The Great Denim Debate

I have a confession to make: I am entirely not proportionate. My body, that is, does not have the same proportions the majority of the population has. It’s made it constantly hard to find jeans and pants that fit. I’ve been an Express girl for years, mainly because the jeans fit me better than any other brand. Sure, GAP might be cheaper, but the crotch falls so low I look like I’m in a pair of man’s pants. Old Navy Jeans tended to work okay, except that after two or three months essential parts were ripping – the crotch, the back pockets, the waist band. It just didn’t work.

I have another confession to make: I buy $100 jeans. And I’ll sometimes buy two at a time. It’s not because I want designer jeans to strut in, or because I feel like living the life of luxury. It’s because unfortunately most of the time the $100 pair of jeans fit me best. ReRock for Express is the jean I wear. The denim is thick, and yet moves with you. The rise is low, but not ultra low. The thighs are cut slim, but not so slim you can’t get into them. The back pockets are cut in such a way to make your butt look great. As a friend said, you just look like you were poured into those jeans. That’s a damn sexy thing to be told.

While shopping with my mom, she whispered to me, “Ellie, do you know those jeans are ninety-eight dollars?” Actually I did. I had no problem with shelling out the cash right then and there. She was a little shocked that I already had two pairs, one having been bought on sale.My mom thought I was crazy, the world more so for even thinking to charge such a price. As we shopped in stores like J Crew, Express, GAP, Banana Republic, Buckle and even Macy’s, she turned to me and asked if the world had gone mad. Even H&M was getting expensive for her taste.

My father thinks little of paying LL Bean or Eddie Bauer fifty dollars for a causal button down or more for a sweater. He knows that the item will fit, and fit properly, and that it will last, stand the test of washes and wears. It won’t shrink, stretch out to unwearable sizes, discolor or fade. He’s willing to buy trends on sale, like those pink ties Jude Law was rocking out a few years ago, but for his wardrobe staples, if it ain’t quality it ain’t getting bought. (I know that was improper grammar, I felt like it.)

Jeans are a staple in any closet. We all wear them, need them, and many of us love them and would wear them every day of the week if it were socially acceptable. (And in my life, it totally is!) Jeans aren’t supposed to be washed after every wear, so they tend to get lots of work. Why buy something that doesn’t fit right or won’t last? Yes, you get what you pay for. Those expensive jeans my mother couldn’t comprehend look brand new, fit perfectly, and get me compliments over a year from purchasing them. These are jeans I’m going to be able to pass on rather than downgrade to yard-work pants. I’m not ashamed I want another pair.

3 comments on “The Great Denim Debate

  1. Allison Gray Teetsel
    August 8, 2010

    A good pair of jeans is priceless (and often timeless)! I would much rather have a pair of expensive jeans that fit well and last me, than a pair of $20 jeans that aren’t particularly comfortable or well-fitting, that fall apart within a few months. I don’t typically shop at Express, but their jeans look amazing. Considering that they are currently on sale (25% off!), I might just have to stop into the store and check them out.

  2. Natalie
    August 10, 2010

    You were totally right about the Stella boot cut jeans. I’m hooked.

    • Ellsbells
      August 10, 2010

      I kinda live in them. Seriously, the best jean you’ll ever buy. I’ve been buying them since I was 16. I still have a pair from college!

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