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Ramona Flowers Vs Kim Pine

In honor of the release of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, there will be two reviews, one of the movie and one obviously about something I want to talk about. If you haven’t read the comic books and don’t want the ending spoiled, you probably should stop reading here. On the other hand, if you want to keep reading, please do. I might have something worth saying.

Scott Pilgrim is an idiot. There, I said it, Scott Pilgrim is just a fool. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic series (and yes, the movie that opens Friday) is all about growing up, learning about why your past relationships failed and eventually moving on to the person you ought to be with. Ramona Flower’s seven evil ex’s represent the baggage she, like everyone else, carries when it comes to past relationships. And Scott Pilgrim has to battle them, like we’ve all got to battle the baggage of any potential partner. We need people who help rebuild trust, kiss away wounds, and bandage up any skinned knees we get from skidding out of relationships. I feel as if in every relationship, we learn something about ourselves or work through some issue so we can perhaps be ready for the one we’re supposed to be with. Without some key people in my life, I could never have gotten over some bad relationships or gotten over the hurt of not being able to trust. Without some, I never would have learned to fight for what I want or end things when I’m not getting it.

But Scott Pilgrim, while he does learn his lessons, makes a bad choice. And the entire storyline is structured in such a way that this ending is supposedly happy. One might accept that after all the games Ramona puts him through, he remains faithful but this is by no means the happy ending. He’s choosing to stick around with a girl who has put him through a lot of nonsense, and while she’s learning her lesson, it’s by no means certain she’s going to be decent. Let’s face it, Ramona is a bitch. She might be a ninja. She might have fantastic hair. She might have a ton of sexual appeal. But she knowingly puts Scott through seven ex’s and gets irritated when he calls shenanigans. She plays a lot of games.

But then there’s Kim Pine, the drummer. She doesn’t play games; she’s simple and straight forward with how she feels. And when it’s obvious that Scott doesn’t feel the same, she tucks her emotions deep inside and gets over it as best as she can. While Ramona is unobtainable, literally out of his league, Kim is there and supportive, even when it pains her to be. Because while Ramona might need some saving and plays to a guy’s desire to rescue and protect, Kim has grown the fuck up and learned that sometimes love means sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of another. Kim is cool, talented, an awesome person in her own right, but self-assured and comfortable in her own skin. She’s gotten over her baggage, while Ramona hasn’t figured that out yet.

Kim, if she were in a Nora Ephron movie, would be the nice guy thrown overboard. She’s not as flawed as the lead, but essentially disposable. And it should be the opposite. Scott Pilgrim should realize that Ramona, while a nice girl, just isn’t for him; she’s too much drama. The ending of Scott Pilgrim is a sad one for all the Kim Pines of the world. We’re the women who know how to bury our hurt, keep the drama count low, and rock harder than any of the boys. Enough of those damsel in distresses guys; pick a girl who knows how to save herself. You’ll be happier.

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