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Yesterday I met my parents for lunch as they were in town taking care of some business appointments. I had also wanted to hear, directly, how my mom’s visit with the doctor had went. A few weeks ago she hurt her hip badly; at first there were concerns it was possibly broken. Thankfully, she’s just fine. Still, there is some news – even good – that just must be relayed in person. Or at least with my mom. I know many others communicate effectively over the phone, but my family, specifically my mother, does not.

Calling my mother often means interrupting her. She’s one of those people constantly in motion, constantly working on some outdoor project, cooking for the week, cleaning something. And she tries to do both while on the phone. So while trying to have a conversation, there is often the clang on pots and pans or some other distracting background noise. And because she’s doing two things at once, thoughts are often broken up. I’m the same way too. When trying to field a call that couldn’t wait, I was in the middle of making myself some dinner. Stepping away would have meant burning my meal. I gave the wrong time and date of an event causing a pretty bothersome mix up.

Which, to be honest, leads me to texting more often than not. You can go back and double check something, or wait until you’re done with whatever task to reply. I feel as if my friends and I have deep and meaningful conversations, sometimes hundreds of miles apart, without actually speaking to each other.

But most of my friends are on Blackberry Messenger. They also do a good amount of “@ replies” on Twitter. And I don’t have a smartphone. (But worry not, my birthday is in October, and it’s the one thing I asked my family for!) When chatting with my Dad, I said that most of my friends communicate with me over text, desiring to do so over BBM, and twitter. And my Dad thought that was very sad, that we didn’t pick up the phone and call each other. But honestly, how can we? I work the oddest shifts due to me job. Another of my good friends works the late shift in a college library. My sister jumps from meeting to meeting, event to event. Actually, most of my friends do. And so to pick up the phone and chat or try to coordinate a meet up is near impossible.

It was my mother who sagely explained to my father that today’s young people have to juggle a lot and that because they are always on the go, they need new forms of communication. And right now that’s the blackberry or other smart phone.

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