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Tastes Do Change

I am a self described hipster – I wear scarves around my neck in August, wingtip shoes, and have been rocking the high waisted skinny jeans since about 2005. Like all hipsters, I have a soft spot in my heart for malt beverages, Arrested Development, not calling people on the telephone, and dancing badly to rap from the 90’s. The website Stuff Hipsters Hate isn’t so far off from a list of things I dislike. No, I’m not trying to be cliche, but I was part of a formation of a sub-culture, and I am a product of it somewhat. (Odd to form and yet be formed by culture.) But somethings, as I’ve gotten older, have changed.

I don’t want to date hipster boys. Last year seeing a guy in white dress pants, a yellow muscle tank and a brown members only jacket with the sleeves rolled would have gotten my attention, especially if he had a moustache. I might have fawned all over him. Ditto the kid in the flannel shirt and scruffy beard with hair longer than my own. A year ago, we would have grabbed some 40’s, found a spot secluded from people, and we could have talked about why we hate John Mayer. Possibly we would have had sex if we didn’t get too sleepy from the booze or he wasn’t turned off by the fact that I’m not really skinny like a lot of other hipster girls.

But that’s not the case today. While I do think facial hair is sexy (no thanks for Commander William Riker), I like a more clean cut guy. Not an A&F model sort, but someone who grooms and cleans himself up. I want a guy who dresses like a grown-up. It’s okay to incorporate hipster style, I certainly do, but there’s such a thing as overboard. I’m not big into that these days. But most importantly, most hipsters my age still haven’t figured out the whole job and living responsible thing and for me right now that’s pretty sexy.

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