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Awkward Dating Story #2

While out at a bar a few nights ago, my friends and I were singing karaoke. We’re sort of regulars there; the owners and karaoke DJ know us by name. After singing my usually impassioned rendition of Because The Night (as it was cover-oke), I saddled up to the bar to refill my beer. A guy next to me lit up with recognition and nudged me to get my attention. Turning to face him he said that he loved my voice, and that each time I got up to sing, he’d always tell his friends he liked my take on a song more than the original. Naturally I thanked him. The compliment did mean a lot!

Anyhow, we got to talking and he kept coming back to tell me that I was truly a child of the 1990’s. And yes, to be honest, I was old enough to appreciate the decade in its entirety. From the grunge movement to stirrup pants to the starts of the modern indie rock DYI movement. I was there for the highlights and the lowlights. So he then announced, with the voice of a man trying to impress, that he was born in 1987 and he was also a child of the 90’s. It was then that I realized he was six years younger than me. I had a choice: lie and make up an age or tell the truth.

With a sip of my Blue Moon (the Rare Vos was out), I looked to him and said that I was born in 1981. I said it proudly, knowing that my roots need a touch up and you can see the starts of the grey hair again. The bar was dark though; there was little chance he’d see that. He called me a liar, and I shook my head and told him I was telling the truth – that I was going to be 29 on Columbus Day.

At which point he turned to his friends, and shook his head. I lingered for an awkward moment, thinking that perhaps he was replying to one of them. Alas, he was not. He was actively ignoring me. Because of my age.

9 comments on “Awkward Dating Story #2

  1. Allison Gray Teetsel
    August 22, 2010

    Seriously? He’s 23. And while (at least for me) there is a big difference between 23 and 29, I would never discount someone or ignore them based solely on their age. (alright, alright…if a 17 year old was trying to hit on me, i would.)
    Totally his loss. Douche.

    • Ellsbells
      August 23, 2010

      I think what I thought sad/pathetic/depressing was that until he heard my age, he was totally into me. Not that I was into him by any means, but that he was turned off by a number makes me feel down.

  2. Johns
    August 23, 2010

    Have you stopped a moment to consider he was simply being friendly, and as he got the idea you were into him, or as his friends ribbed him about it, perhaps you made him uncomfortable due to his complete lack of non-platonic attraction? Try seeing it from the other side sometime. No wonder you have so many trolls.

    • Ellsbells
      August 23, 2010

      Well, seeing as I wasn’t into him and was merely talking to him, I thought it was perhaps a bit rude and even mean to behave as such. Because if you read any of the comments, you’d have read that I wasn’t into him. It was precisely because of my age that he became disinterested, which I felt pretty lousy about.

      Also, non-platonic attraction is erotic attraction.

      I also know who my trolls are. They are trolling me because I had an argument with a girl three years ago and she can’t let it go.

      • Johns
        August 23, 2010

        Why would this fall under the category of dating if you weren’t into him?

      • Ellsbells
        August 23, 2010

        Because I use subject lines to get people’s attention, and this one certainly did.

      • Argentina Ducky
        August 23, 2010

        wrong answer. that may b easier 4u to pin it on some1 who you had an arguement with rather than acept the fact that some ppl just don’t like what you have to say becuz u sound very pretentious. i found yer blog thru albany eats’s blog.
        honest criticism. u either take it and continue 2 blog, privatize yer blog, or stop blogging. sum ppl just don’t like what u have to say, grow up n deal with it.

      • Ellsbells
        August 23, 2010

        Actually, yes. Johns was the first negative commenter that wasn’t from this group of people who are friends with a specific person. I know because I looked where they were referred from and saw it was from this person’s livejournal page.

  3. Joe
    October 23, 2010


    1) There comes a point in social situations that people just KNOW that someone has an interest in them. I trust your radar on this one.

    2) You practice the art of written English very well. Anyone who trolls on you but is too lazy to capitalize the word “I” or type out “your”… Hardly should be telling you to grow up.

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