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An Ode to Brinner, or OMG WAFFLES!

Tuesday marked the birthday of the waffle maker, which was developed in Troy NY. (Historical note: During the Industrial Revolution, Troy used to be a big thing, a city that demanded national attention politically and economically. So it’s not surprising many patents for every day things were made here, in Troy.) Browns Brewing Co, the home of dependable ales and lagers, has devoted the entire week to waffle goodness. And boy, they really are very good.

I grabbed some of the usual suspects and we went forth in search of brinner – breakfast for dinner. My parents were big fans of eating eggs, bacon and pancakes for dinner, probably because they had to shove an English muffin with a scrape of jam down before running off to pretty demanding jobs. Never really a breakfast eater myself, I dreaded those nights the bisquick came out. But then something happened as I got older (no, something besides getting older), I learned that you could eat at times other than when your parents decided it was time to feed the family and you could eat, get ready for it, anything you wanted. So fried egg sandwiches became acceptable for dinner, and they were delicious. French fries and gravy became just fine for breakfast. It was really learning to love diners that I had this revelation. And who can hate a diner? All the free coffee refills a girl could ever want!

But the waffles, you came here to read about the waffles. Monday night we each ordered the Waffle of the Day, specifically a sweet potato waffle with salted butter, bacon and the most delicious maple syrup infused with their whiskey casked porter. Some of us were hesitant about the sweet potato, but it really wasn’t that strong. Actually, as a lover of the yam, I thought it could have been a bit more prominent. Still, no one complained and everyone thought it was really good. Wednesday night (tonight) features another promising delight – chocolate and stout, two of my most favorite things ever together or separate.

We ended the night drinking the seasonal raspberry lambic, a light and fruity beer that tasted like the perfect desert for the waffles. The berry and the sweet potato went very well together. Watching Monday Night Football, we gazed at the original waffle maker, full bellies and happy taste buds. If I were Anthony Bourdain, I’d have some inspiring thought about Troy and waffles and brinner, but I don’t. Despite needing a camera crew and an expense account in my life, I’m not him. So this week, go have yourself brinner, support a great local business, and raise a glass to salute all the things Troy once was.

2 comments on “An Ode to Brinner, or OMG WAFFLES!

  1. Chris
    August 25, 2010

    I think I’m going back tonight to get the Arlen Specter.

    • Ellsbells
      August 25, 2010

      Details are obviously required.

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