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Comfy Clothes Aren’t Fashionable?

I usually, even to go get some milk at the market, dress in case anyone sees me or I get a text calling me off to adventure. I work in a public setting and there’s not a night I go out that someone doesn’t recognize from my job. How embarrassing to be seen and approached in sweat pants and a tank top. How inconvenient to have to go home and change before doing something fun and exciting, even if it’s just a cup of coffee with your sister. And while I might not wear cocktail dresses to go pump gas, I do tend to at least wear pants or a skirt and a decent shirt. My motto is always dress so that you can go anywhere and not look out of place. I tend then to wear a lot of simple dresses or jeans with blazers. You can accessorize for any situation if you have the basic pieces.

Unfortunately, sometimes you do run into situations where you must roll out of bed and be some place pretty quickly. And for those situations, I still wear yoga pants. Sweats just scream lack of effort, or I am going to the gym. Yoga pants look to the casual observer to be black knit pants. In the 90’s I wore ponte pants nearly all the time as they were basic black knit pants you could wear almost anything with. The one catch with yoga pants, or even leggings, is that when worn as pants, two critical areas must be covered. The first is obviously the butt. The second is the whole crotch region.

But guess what? Sweater coats and over-sized tunics are in style still! So to wear yoga pants, an over-sized sweater tied with a belt and a pair of ballet flats takes lounge wear to an elevated and more socially acceptable level. Not saying I’m going to adopt this as my Sunday errand running attire, but for situations when I have to jet out the door as soon as waking, it’s not bad. And I’m okay with that.

2 comments on “Comfy Clothes Aren’t Fashionable?

  1. dasmb
    August 26, 2010

    I wear jeans everywhere. Sometimes the same pair all week, but I usually change it up for Thursday.

    I have nice t-shirts I wear to company meetings. But I also have some bummy ones I only wear to team meetings or meetings with other teams I’m close with. For example, my fluffy Hendrix t-shirt? Not for board meetings or customer site visits. For those i have my American Apparel Brendon Bird t-shirt with Bob Ross is surfing in heaven with a dog (a real thing).

    • Ellsbells
      August 26, 2010

      Well, might I send you some big congrats for wearing jeans properly! Denim should not be washed after every wear. You are pretty darn heroic for knowing that!

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