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Some Links That Might Interest You

First off – Chace Crawford looking hot in the season’s new trend for men, the plaid dress shirt sans tie. Those guys from Gossip Girl really know how to dress. I’m normally a Chuck Bass girl, but Nate will do in a pinch.

If you were a geek in the 90s, then you probably taped the 1am showing of Highlander: the Series. And if you did that, then you probably remember one of the better characters on the show – Methos. Peter Wingfield, the trampoline champion turned actor, answers your deepest questions about the character. And there’s even video! (Seriously, the 90s were when I developed all my long standing crushes – Jonathan Frakes, Peter Wingfield, David Duchovny…)

Tuesday the third in William Gibson’s latest trilogy is released. So go buy it. But first, check out this really great but too quick read on Cayce’s style from Pattern Recognition.

GQ does a style pick post with pretty pictures of things every classy man should covet.

Heavy drinkers live longer. People who have two drinks a day live longer according to studies. So pass me my glass of wine, my pint of beer or my Jack and ginger. This study only confirms one thing – I need to go out more and enjoy my new favorite beverage, the Jack and Ginger on more rooftop parties!

I love Paul Krugman. Just read this. (Sorry, I am and will always be a bleeding heart liberal.)

I love RTD for bringing back Dr Who, and I love Torchwood. Children of Earth was perhaps the best miniseries I’ve ever seen. Ever. So I’m pleased that it’s coming back, even though I’m still mourning Ianto. However, this if true just hurts my heart. One of the reasons why I like RTD so much is that he is so good at creating strong women and strong queer characters. Despite being other than straight, Captain Jack Harkness saves the universe, gets the guy and has fun doing it. RTD’s female characters are fantastic, like Donna and Martha Jones! Why then is he messing around with sex offender, specifically a paedophile?!

And last but certainly not least, if you’re not reading Jeff Masters brilliant blog on tropical weather, than you don’t know anything about where to get the best Hurricane info on the net.

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