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My Favorite Sunday

We’ve been over this before – my father taught his daughters the benefit of a 3-4 defense. Sunday, growing up, were spent in front of the television in various forms of comfy clothes watching the game while our mother worked in the kitchen, read a thriller or simply fell asleep. After going to church, and having brunch with our grandmothers, we would rush around to accomplish all the tasks my mother had for us so we could slink into the den and flop on a couch, the floor or a chair and spend the afternoon shouting at the television.

My father raised me to be a Giants fan. I came home from the hospital in Giants garb. I remember the proud 80s, being allowed to stay up late to watch the perfect game Simms had in the Superbowl. The shanked kick a few years later that gave the Giants their second ring. We hinged on the words of Bill Parcells. It’s because of him, and my dad, that my favorite style is smash-mouth. I love it when a running back just demolishes the defense of another team. I get giddy thinking of defensive schemes. My favorite players, lest Tiki Barber for being a gentleman and scholar, are defensive ones. Michael Strahan and Lawerence Taylor are two of my all time favorite Giants.

And I remember the 90s. As a Giants fan, I am fully aware we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. (I am trying to forget the 2000 Superbowl. We don’t talk about that.)

Sundays in the fall is all about two things – football and eating grotesque amounts of fried food and chili. (Oh, the chili!) But what makes today the greatest of them all is that it’s opening day. We’re all undefeated and a season of hope and excitement await all of us. (And hopefully I’ll win some cash from the office pickem league.)

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