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AFRA: How do I transition to fall fashion?

Dear Ellie,

As I’m sure you are very aware, it’s getting cooler! Help me transition my summer wardrobe to a fall one please!


Summer Grl300


Dear Summer Grl300,

It’s funny that you ask me this today as I’m a coffee shop drinking iced coffee and listening the summer’s hit by Katy Perry. It’s cold outside, but I still can’t give up my iced coffee. I still have cold thirst! I mean, really what’s a girl to do when store market winter, spring, summer and fall fashion to us? It’s hard work to constantly shop, and I’m betting your wallet would try to murder you if you tried.

My honest advice is buying things you can wear year round. Obviously a warm wool sweater isn’t going to work in anything other than winter. I get that. Just like I understand a pair of shorts isn’t a go-to item when its snowing. However, the majority of your wardrobe should be year round staples. A great pair of jeans works in all seasons. You’ll never go wrong with a few great t-shirts. They can be paired under suit jackets, cardigans, or those new cozies, those sweaters that don’t close and are typically longer than a traditional cardigan. It’s also all about accessories. A bright scarf can take a basic black pant, white tank and gray boyfriend cardigan to an elevated level. Shoes too set the tone. A great pair of boots and tights can take that dress from spring to fall.

For instance, today – I’m in my new favorite item, the sweater hoodie, a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and my sperries. A friend of mine wore black ankle pants, a cute pair of black flats and a fab gray sweater with a bright red scarf the other day and just looked fantastic.

My other advice is buying items in basic colors. You’ll never go wrong with black, gray, white and red. A black sweater can be paired with jeans, dress pants, skirts… you can wear it tons of different ways. This isn’t to say that I am saying to give up color. Far from it! Accessorize with color – scarves, necklaces, even shoes! I would even say that buying some great tanks and tees in colors is a brilliant idea. You can layer them with your favorite sweater, jacket or pair with skirts. Belts can make a tee and skirt look elegant.

Well, I hope this helps!

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