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Vote! Vote!

Today, if you live in New York state, is Primary Day. And you should vote. Primaries and school board elections often get overlooked by the public at large. They’re not shiny; they are seemingly trivial. Except that they are not, not really.

When I first registered to vote, I saw that our nation had a failing two-party system in which candidates often disagreed and towed party lines not to support a particular ideology or do what what was best for the nation, county or district, but to support The Party. Rather than working together, they bickered like children on the playground. Instead of reaching across lines, they told each other no to appeal to extremists on either side, to motivate niche bases. So I registered as an Independant, I chose no party. I thought I was a rebel, no having to support either party but specific candidates and agendas.

And then a funny thing happened. In national elections I became disgusted with the candidates. John Kerry, despite getting my vote, was a terrible choice to run against George W Bush. Yes, I was on an “Anyone but HIM” bandwagon, but I would have rathered stood proud of the candidate I voted for. South Park once did a joke about candidates and I agreed – I was tired of voting for the turd sandwich!

The thing of it is, if you don’t help choose the candidates than you can’t complain in November there’s no real choice when you’re standing in that voting booth. So today, on your way home, take a minute to vote in the primary.

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