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Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, although some of them are less embarrassing than others. It’s what we’re ashamed to admit we like in fear of being mocked. Yeap, our guilty pleasures. Here are mine:

1. Lucky Magazine doesn’t write about politics, current affairs or even sexual positions. It’s not going to tell you how to wear the new styles of jeans, or how American Apparel markets itself. What it does, simply, is tell you what to buy. Well, sort of. It shows you where the best deals on current trends are. Normally I like intellectual reads – the Sunday Times, a good meaty novel or biography or a television show with depth. Lucky Magazine isn’t that; there’s little writing. It’s mostly pictures and small fonts of prices and locations. And yet, I love it. It helps me stay current with my looks and helps me stay easy on my wallet.

 2. Starbucks passion fruit iced tea isn’t coffee and there’s not a lot of caffeine in it. Normally I like a good, strong black tea, something along the lines of Earl Grey. But this summer, I fell in love with the fruity and refreashing iced tea. With a splash of apple juice, it’s delicious!

3. We all know I’m an open-source kinda girl, but there’s just something about my iTouch that I love. I’m loathe to admit it, but Apple’s products are just plain good. Okay, so you can’t hack it, or install linux on it like you can a PC product, but… well, there’s something friendly and comforting in the interface and anything I can use to play music, surf the web and download google maps is something I’m just going to love.

4. I like to play that low fuss, no drama sort of girl, but every so often I like to lean back and have someone rub my feet. I’m not afraid to pay for it either, so my fourth guilty pleasure is a pedicure. Yes, I know I could easily use my pedegg and buy some cheap nail polish, but it’s not the same as someone doing it for you.

5. There’s something about football and betting on it that appeals to me. I like to place money in the weekly pick em league my friends run. The best part of it is that I’m the girl who places high each week and doesn’t have her boyfriend make the pick. And it’s pretty cool to brag about coming in second when you’re wearing a miniskirt and heeled boots.

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