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I cancelled my digital cable. Time Warner accidently also cancelled my high speed internet. And you know what? I’m okay with this. Now you might be surprised at this – I’m a blogger after all and the resident linux girl of all the Albany D-listers. Shouldn’t I always want to be plugged in and tuned out?

I used to be online all the time. Growing up, my friends were found on irc and the internet message boards despite many of them living mere blocks away from me. And over the years I’ve amassed some great friendships over national lines primarily because of facebook or livejournal. I keep up with the people I like from high school and feel little anger at not being invited to my Ten Year Reunion. Everyone I like I can easily speak with. The whole reason why I want a blackberry is to keep up with my social media tools, and in that, keep up with my friends who use it as a means to communicate.

But I am glad I don’t have the internet anymore and I’m thrilled I’ve ditched my digital cable. First off, I still have all the channels I watch anyway – my apartment complex gives us Extended Basic for free. Without the distractions of tv and the internet, I’ve been able to actually accomplish things. I read; finished two fabulous books! I actually clean; my tub is no longer a shady color of yellow. I go out, do things, see the world. I feed my coffee addiction.

Going to a coffee shop with the express intent to accomplish writing something helps motivate – no time to waste on facebook or twitter. Yes, I check them, but I limit my time on them so I can do more creative things, like write this blog. It’s sort of like going to the library, but with delicious pastry and caffeine. And how can you go wrong with coffee?

Tangent: I don’t trust people who don’t drink coffee. And anyone who tells you three ventis a day is unhealthy is just a liar.

But back to my point, not having a ton of distractions is a great way to live. And it’s cheaper too – plenty of money to spend on my vices like coffee and a great cocktail. And veggie sushi. I mean, come on, these were things I was going to spend my money on anyway.

One comment on “Simplifying

  1. cabanafred
    September 19, 2010

    I completely agree with you on the cable front. As much as i love shows like mad men & psych, cable is crazy expensive for a time vacuum it is & with all the free wifi spots out there ( & smartphone tethering) If you were to operate out of a laptop you can easily drop that as well

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