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Thursday Night Must See TV

Last week was the FX Thursday night premiere week, much to my delight. And while It’s Always Sunny… was a big letdown, the boys on The League delivered big time. Last year I watched the show on a lark, because I wasn’t tired after all my usual Thursday night comedies were over. Instantly I fell in love with the big goofballs that played fantasy football with an intensity that rivaled my love of Star Trek, coffee, and the perfect strapless dress. If Sex and the City is the show about women and sexuality, than The League is the male equivilant. Sometimes it’s endearing, sometimes it’s raunchy or disgusting and sometimes it shows that men can be complete and total idiots.

Last year Andre won the Shiva, the trophy of the league. This year he’s the champion and still taking the shit his best friends give him. Kevin and Jenny are still happily married, but she wants to have her own team. Taco is still poor and Ruxin still the caustic yet hilarious guy. They go to Vegas for their draft, and along with Chad Ochocinco, hilarity and “rosterbation” ensues.

But the best part of the show is Jenny and her husband Kevin. He’s the league commisioner, but she runs his team. And like all good men, there’s an even more fabulous woman behind him. Watching their back and forth is rather funny, and even if it seems mean-spirited, Kevin is still the guy who has more fun with his wife. And Jenny, well, she’s the one character that has it all together. She knows the game better than everyone, has a good job and raises their lovely yet curious daughter.

So if you like football and comedy, give it a chance. I think it’s hilarious. And perhaps a better representation of my life.

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