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Five Things To Do This Fall

This week marked the start of Fall, one of my favorite seasons of all time. The leaves start to change color and the air turns brisk and colder. Blazers, scarves and fashionable hats begin to make their way into everyday wear. Holidays such as my birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving bring friends and family together. So without further ado, here are the ten things you need to do this fall.

1. Go pumpkin picking! As a child, every year we would pack into the family station wagon and drive to a roadside market to pick our pumpkins. My sister and I would carefully examine every orange sphere, measuring the stem and the size and shape of the gord. We’d then go home and our dad would scoop the seeds out and we would carve the face of a friendly spector. It’s still fun to do, even these days. There’s nothing more fun then taking a trip to the Carrot Barn or any of the other local pick your owns and then go home and put your artistic skills to the test.

2. Watch football with friends. Yes, now that it’s getting cooler, make some chili and invite the people you love over to watch the big game. What better way to spend a lazy sunday than with a beer and a bowl of chili with your best friends? And if the game is good, then things are perfect.

3. It might be a few degrees cooler than it was a few months ago, but there’s still plenty of time to pack a picnic lunch and take to the parks. Just wear a nice tweed blazer and a cute wool flapper style hat.

4. Oktoberfest! Yes, there’s the celebration on 10/2 at Wolffe’s Beergarden, but you can grab your favorite brats and beer and have octoberfest at any time. However, the beer tents on Broadway seem way better than anything I could put together. I may like to eat, but I can’t cook.

5. My favorite thing about fall is the great fruit we get in upstate NY, specifically apples. So go apple picking and bake a pie. You can bribe your friends to do all sorts of things with the promise delicious pie.

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