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Movies to Watch This Fall

There’s nothing better on a rainy Fall afternoon than to mozy to the cinema and watch a film. While Summer blockbusters are great to beat the heat, I like something a little more intimate in the Fall – like I suppose every other movie fan in the country. Anyway, here are my picks for this season.

1. Never Let Me Go – Based on the novel Time Magazine lauded as the best novel of the decade, this is the story of three friends who await a fate possibly worse than death – the harvesting of their organs for transplants. They are doners and carers, the clones of which modern science rely upon to save us. And they are growing up and falling in love… Look for Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightly to provide some great performances!

2. The Social Network – It’s written by Aaron Sorkin, the creater of Sports Night, The West Wing and Studio 60, all of which rank as some of my favorite television shows. It’s also about Facebook. So it’ll be one of those movies everyone talks about, but likely it will also be very very good.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: The franchise that many of us found as young kids or teens is finally coming to a close and finally the studios are planning on spending the time needed to fully develop all the storylines and all the characters. And as we know, Neville kicks some ass at the Battle of Hogwarts, something I am personally thrilled to see. Just bring your cleanex. It’s sad. But you knew that because you read the book.

4. The King’s Speech – It’s about George VI’s stutter and his struggle to overcome it. But the cast alone make it worth watching – Colin Firth, Geoffory Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. It seems like a dream come true, a thinking film with great actors!

2 comments on “Movies to Watch This Fall

  1. Tori
    September 25, 2010

    Re: Never Let Me Go


  2. Mike
    October 6, 2010

    1.) Supposed to be really good!
    2.) Was really great!
    3.) Never seen any of ’em!
    4.) I heard it was really good!

    Keeping up with this sort of shit is literally my job, and past your good picks, I can’t say anything this season really has me on high alert. THE SOCIAL NETWORK is great. What’s the next good thing going to be? That David O. Russell/Christian Bale boxing movie? That Aronofsky/Portman ballet movie? ENTER THE VOID next week?

    I think my favorite movies this year have been, in semi-order: INCEPTION, GREENBERG, LOVERS OF HATE, DADDY LONGLEGS, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP and TRASH HUMPERS.

    There’s always 2011. Better yet, I think there’s another Batman movie coming out in 2012.

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